November 15, 2023
Ariel D. Weindling

New feature announcement: Just Sayin’

What is it?

Just Sayin’ was developed to answer the need of people (employees, students, customers) to share ideas, feedback, suggestions or accomplishments (kudos) with their organization in real time.

It is the easiest way for your people to get things off of their chest and share with you something positive or negative that does not necessitate a formal report. 

Where can I find it?

Just Sayin’ is available to users within the current #NotMe app/WebApp to allow them to quickly ‘Just Say’ something, anonymously if needed, from their phones or favorite browser. No additional download needed and it can be turned on immediately for your entire organization to use.

When is it available?

It’s available right now! #NotMe is making it easier for users to speak up and our clients even safer than before with the launch of its newest tool, Just Sayin’.

Why was it added to the #NotMe platform?

Despite #NotMe’s great accomplishments and the innovation it represented on the ‘speaking up’ and whistleblowing front, we were convinced that we could do more and that we could make the speak up process and the whistleblowing experience even better.  At NotMe Solutions, we wanted to set the bar even higher. 

On the tech or tool side, with Just Sayin’ we make it easier for people to speak up. Creating and submitting a Just Sayin’ is incredibly simple, fast and easy. On the process/experience side of things, we’ve infused our process with a great dose of reciprocity.  

Who is it for?

Organizations that deploy Just Sayin’ have a real listening strategy in place and are embracing ‘reciprocity.’ They want real-time feedback from their employees on what matters to them.

Employees benefit from not having to wait for quarterly or yearly surveys to provide feedback that organizations need to know now.

All this allows you to be less reactive and more proactive with your employees creating a win:win for everyone.

Benefits of real time feedback

There is a time and place for surveys but when you want to know what’s going on now or at any given time, Just Sayin’ is what you need.

Rolling Out

For the Account Managers at subscribing organizations, our Help Center guide contains walkthrough videos on how to roll this tool to their users along with other information to know about how the feature works.

If you’d like more information on Just Sayin’ or on #NotMe in general, feel free to reach out and email us at [email protected] or reach out to your assigned Customer Experience Team Member if you’re a subscribing organization.

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Ariel D. Weindling, CEO and Founder of #NotMe

Ariel is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, a leading employment lawyer and an advocate for greater equality, safety, and transparency in the workplace. His passion for equality led him to create #NotMe: an app and AI-powered platform that gives all employees a safe, unbiased way to report workplace misconduct, while guiding employers to take swift and appropriate action.

Ariel has trained hundreds of employees on the subjects of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. After fifteen years handling a litany of cases involving harassment and discrimination and watching instances of workplace misconduct constantly repeat themselves, Ariel realized that corporate America was in need of a major paradigm shift. As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements continue to steamroll through the collective consciousness of America, Ariel, along with a team of high-profile advisors, found himself in a unique position to help turn these movements into action, thus he created #NotMe

Ariel has a vision of a world in which his own children will inherit a workplace environment that is safe and equal, allowing them to freely thrive while accomplishing their own dreams.

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