September 8, 2022
Ariel D. Weindling

More and more organizations are realizing that creating a code of ethical behavior in the workplace is about more than avoiding legal liability for incidents of misconduct and corruption. A culture of ethics and compliance can improve workplace performance and employee satisfaction because it gives your organization transparency and accountability for dealing with misconduct in the workplace.

While the law regulates many kinds of workplace behaviors, by the time incidents of discrimination, harassment, or fraud have violated the law, considerable damage has already been done in the form of damaged trust and reputational harm. Creating a culture of ethics and compliance in your organization sets up clear guidelines tailored to your organization’s specific needs, as broad or detailed as necessary. This code of conduct must apply to everyone, from upper management to the newest hires, to be effective.

The Benefits of a Strong Ethics & Compliance Program

In its 2021 Global Business Ethics Survey Report, the Ethics & Compliance Initiative examined the impact of ethics and compliance programs both in the U.S. and around the world. They found that in organizations with strong ethics and compliance programs, employees experienced less pressure to compromise ethics standards, less misconduct was observed, more reporting of misconduct was observed, and employees experienced less retaliation for reporting it and speaking out about misconduct. Unfortunately, in the U.S., only 1 in 5 employees was in a workplace that had a strong ethical culture, according to the report.

Among the organization’s findings, it noted the key role that misconduct reporting plays, stating, “The only way to improve an ethics culture is to understand the nature of misconduct within an organization. It is imperative that employees feel comfortable reporting misconduct because without said reports, it is impossible for organizations to develop effective E&C programs and to ensure that those who commit wrongdoing are held accountable.”

#NotMe gives your workforce the tools to communicate promptly and effectively when they observe behavior that violates the ethical norms your organization has established. When employees are confused about how to report, or don’t know who they should talk to, your organization loses valuable time in which small issues can balloon into larger problems. #NotMe removes the friction from reporting, empowering employees to speak and allowing you to act to address problems head-on before they’ve gotten out of control.

Setting a Positive Tone

Focusing on ethics in an organization is about creating an atmosphere in which employees can thrive, with their talents and energy driving organizational success. Clear communication, in which employees can speak and know their concerns are heard and taken seriously, is essential for building such an ethical compliance culture. With #NotMe, your organization can be confident that employees can and will share what they know, strengthening both your code of conduct and your organization as a whole.

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