Getting your people (employees, students, etc.) to report internally is incredibly difficult. #NotMe does it better than anyone. If your people do not speak up internally with #NotMe, they will not do it with any other tool or solution. That is a fact regardless of what a sales rep from a competitive speak up solution may tell you. Our data & analytics tools give your organization’s leadership with a clear view of what is happening when it comes to misconduct.

Bottom-up real time data

  • The best source of information will always come from your people when they are willing to share their lived experience.
  • With #NotMe, the data included in your people’s reports comes directly from individuals at your organization who are using their #NotMe app to speak up. The way our intake has been built makes it easy for them to share their story and let you know what they’ve witnessed or experienced.

Trusted Intake

  • The #NotMe app was invented and designed solely to make it as easy, frictionless, simple and safe for your people to speak up and trust our process. At a time when every HR conference, article or expert speaks about the “employee experience” #NotMe delivers the best and utmost speak up employee experience.
  • Our smart use of structured data makes the analysis and exploitation of the data collected more reliable and efficient.
  • The customizable questionnaire allows your organization to focus on areas that are more important to both your people and your leadership.

End-to-end Process

  • Our end-to-end platform (from intake to investigation and resolution) allows you to automate and save time.
  • The data gathered through the app flows through our case management system to help your organization address issues for each individual report and is assigned to the team members of your choice for resolution.
  • The anonymized data can be exported, aggregated and centralized to give your leadership and board members (or any other stakeholders) the perfect combination of leading indicators and actionable insights.

Identifying patterns, trends, risks and improve your Culture

The aggregate anonymized data will help you identify:

  • Areas of focus for more training and education
  • Potential risks and mitigation steps/tactics for their prevention
  • New policies or cultural change that are needed

Ultimately, #NotMe data & analytics will help protect your people while improving their retention, protecting your organization’s reputation and preventing and better managing risks arising from any types of misconduct, making it safe for everyone!

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