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G2 Recognizes NotMe Solutions with 26 Awards in Its Spring 2023 Reports!


There isn’t really a competitor to NotMe. So, the decision for you comes down to whether or not you want to facilitate workplace harassment reporting.

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Claire M

CEO Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

#notme has an amazing SaaS offering and their implementation team was beyond prepared and had exacting materials ready to guide us through the customization of their software down to all the exact wording of each question, potential answers, and help text even. This empowered us from critical HR and legal perspectives to ensure we were offering our employees the best options in reporting and options that appealed to their emotional needs using technology, NOT an easy feat, but they did it flawlessly.

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Head of Product Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

This platform is a great tool for us. The majority of our staff consist of those under age 21 and are very comfortable with technology.
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Administrator in Entertainment Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

I like the peace of mind it gives me, my Senior Management team and perhaps most importantly our employees. Making sure that our team members can easily and safely speak up and report issues is fundamental for any company, but in our case it is a business imperative. NotMe has been – and remains – a game changer for us. It is a win-win for the business and for the employees so everyone benefits. Our employees trust the #NotMe app and as a result use it to speak up early before things escalate and get out of hand (or reach a plaintiff’s lawyer). And the tools NotMe gives management makes it easy and simple for my team to handle employee reports.

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Haim E

Founder & CEO Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

#NotMe is an opportunity to repair the broken foundation of trust between many employers and employees. #NotMe can be the foundation by which companies build and rebuild accountability with their employees. That is huge!

Lily Zheng

DEI Strategist & Consultant, #NotMe Ambassador

#NotMe is a way to show your company’s members you’re sincere in raising concerns, and that you’ll deal with it in a responsible way. What is unique about #NotMe’s approach is that it makes it simple for anyone to report an issue, whether the reporter is an employee, a customer, or a vendor. Combined with #NotMe’s analytics and data visualization tools that support smarter risk-related decision making, the platform is, in my opinion, a game changer for enterprise compliance.

Andy Hinton

Former Google Chief Compliance Officer, #NotMe Advisor

#NotMe is all about making the world better and safer as it relates to racism and harassment and other wrongdoing. Their commitment to doing the right thing and their user-friendly reporting product make it easy to report a concern.

Christine Fedrow

Chief Integrity and Compliance Officer at Workday, #NotMe Advisor

The #NotMe platform will build trust between the workforce and the company as it fully complies with data protection regulations, is modern, user-friendly and directly accessible from an app to report anonymously or not, undesirable misconducts.

Ludovic Roptus

Compliance & Ethics (CCEP, CFE) | Finance Director

What I love about #NotMe is the data. If I am from D&I, HR, or even a CEO, and I want to know what’s going on in the company, I will get a lot of great data on where the hotspots are.

Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

Diversity Strategist, Storyteller, and Educator

Platforms such as #NotMe are important as they provide a safe environment for employees to report issues and allow corporations to track what is happening in their departments to prevent future issues.

Jean-Claude Le Grand

CHRO for L'Oréal

#NotMe offers employers a phenomenal solution, and will provide fantastic help to HR leaders and their teams.

Robert F. Millman

senior shareholder of Littler Mendelson P.C

Working with #NotMe was an unbelievable experience. I made a seemingly impossible request, to ensure my event had a mechanism for reporting and follow up available to our attendees, with only about 24 hours notice. The #NotMe team had us onboarded and ready to go within about 15 hours. They were responsive, professional and did everything to ensure we were ready, comfortable and prepared for our event. I can not speak highly enough of their efforts, their team and their platform.

Blair Berdusco

Executive Director @ Alberta Small Brewers Association

At Arizona Wilderness Brewing we want all our staff to feel safe and heard. #NotMe gives employees a safe and anonymous way to bring issues to our attention, and provides us with a way to interact with concerned employees without breaching their anonymity. I think all workplaces could benefit from having this tool in their toolbox.

Johanna Lortsher

PHR, Head of People, AZ Wilderness Brewing Company

I wish we had this sooner.

Courtney W

Subscriber Financial Industry Company

#NotMe helps us ensure we have a safe and welcoming environment for all of our employees. Working in a manufacturing environment, we love that it not only allows our employees to report harassment, but safety concerns as well.

Casey LeFever

4 Noses Brewery, FOH & HR DIRECTOR

After the recent spotlight that was shed on misconduct in the craft beer industry, Bearded Iris sought to implement strategies that would keep our employees safe and comfortable in the workplace. #NotMe has been a valuable tool that allows both victims and witnesses to report wrongdoings. We believe that the simple act of providing #NotMe to our employees not only provides a safe and protected means of reporting misconduct but also serves as a deterrent to inappropriate behavior in our organization.

Tarah Sims

HR Manager, Bearded Iris Brewing

It is really important to us that our employees feel safe and heard while working for Proclamation. We want the culture to be inclusive, equitable, and respectful and want a way for people to feel comfortable speaking up. #NotMe is the perfect solution for this because it allows people to speak up anonymously and facilitates open communication and accountability from all parties.

Lori Witham

Owner & Creative Director, Proclamation Ale

We are extremely happy to be on board with #NotMe. As a company that believes strongly in putting our staff first and creating a safe environment for all we instantly saw how valuable this resource would be to our organization. We know that there are harassment and misconduct issues everywhere and we want our staff to know they can safely and easily report these concerns and have them taken seriously.

Kristin Cummings

Founder / Director of Finance at Switchyard Brewing Company

The CFM wanted a way for union members to be able to tell us about misconduct in a safe, confidential manner. We chose to use #NotMe because it is easy to use and gives us the ability to monitor our unionized workplaces and provide appropriate resources to our members.

Naomi Frisch

associate attorney, CTM Legal Group; Legal Consultant, Chicago Federation of Musicians (CFM) Fair Employment Practices Committee

I can say unequivocally that this product has saved time and made the process more efficient.

…..having #NotMe in place and available demonstrates leadership’s commitment to a safe workplace.

Matt Smith

Director of HR/Risk Management at Coastal Management LLC a Dunkin Donuts franchise

In the modern world, especially where a lot of our employees are younger, they’re just so comfortable on their phones, comfortable with apps

Lydia Mireles

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk employee engagement

Mission North subscribed to #NotMe because it gives our employees the easy confidence to report grievances, and opens up dialogue to ensure safety and support, too. We value investing in our team and using the power of our words to make a more responsible and more inclusive culture.

Stephanie Leal

HR & Operations Manager at Mission North
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