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#NotMe is a customizable, mobile platform that provides everyone across organizations a safe place to easily report any issue, regardless of their position. In turn, that information is centralized, organized and prioritized for your leadership in an intuitive AI-powered dashboard. #NotMe greatly improves your listening strategy and creates a productive feedback loop for all.

  • Enterprise, global solution
  • Fully encrypted data, in transit and at rest
  • Requires no IT resources, easy to implement
  • GDPR compliant
  • Available in multiple languages
Google's former Chief Compliance Officer
Andy Hinton explains why companies need #NotMe

Reverse the Trends


Legal Costs

In 2019, the average cost of an employee lawsuit was $300,000. A single harassment or discrimination lawsuit can cost at minimum $5,000 in legal fees but can go as high as $1 million. EEOC


Employee Turnover

Targets of harassment are 6.5 times as likely to change jobs. Replacing an employee costs 16-20% of an employee's annual salary, rising up to 213% of salary for experienced managerial. IWPR



Those who reported having been harassed or bullied at work are 1.7 times more likely to have taken at least two weeks more off work than those who had not. IWPR



The average estimated cost through lost productivity is $22,500 per person, working in a team affected by any type of harassment. ICRW


Become a Certified #NotMe Culture


Benefits to Implementing #NotMe

  • Demonstrates that your organization doesn't tolerate misconduct of any kind, increasing both physical and psychological safety for all.
  • Elevates your organization’s culture, moving the needle from awareness to action and accountability.
  • Shifts the conversation from #MeToo (victimization) to #NotMe (empowerment + compliance + behavior change) by creating an easy and comfortable way to speak up.
  • Once adopted, your organization will receive a certified #NotMe Culture badge that can be showcased in both internal and external communications to show you’ve taken an actionable step toward behavior change, and that your organization is committed to the #NotMe code of conduct.

#NotMe App Features

  • Secure and intuitive remote reporting completed in as little as three minutes
  • Option to report anonymously if preferred
  • Anonymous chatting between individual and organization
  • Fully customizable platform extending beyond reporting racism, discrimination or harassment to cover all work-related misconduct, compliance and safety issues
  • Publish organization-specific news and announcements via the app interface, reaching participating users across dispersed locations
  • Accomplishes not only compliance but also elevates organizational culture

#NotMe Dashboard

  • Developed from deep experience and expertise of the legal landscape and organizational processes
  • AI technology centralizes, organizes, and prioritizes reports via an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Proprietary scoring system evaluates severity and pervasiveness of reports
  • Ability to gather more information and build trust with anonymous reporters through two-way chat functionality
  • Built with a security-by-design approach in our fully encrypted infrastructure keeps user and organization data safe and sound

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