Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

For certain clients and for the right organization, NotMe Solutions offers training services under the direction of Ariel Weindling.

Ariel has developed a different kind of training for the #NotMe clients. Our training services comply with the legal requirements of California, New York, and other states mandated training requirements.

Our training sessions can be conducted live or online. They are done by expert-trainers, all of whom are employment lawyers and have trained thousands of employees over the years.

Our training covers non-supervisory employees and managers.

The training delivered by our trainers and the training materials complies with CA, NY, etc. state laws on mandatory harassment prevention training and cover, among other things, the following:

Sexual Harassment Training by NotMe Solutions provides clear mandates how employees should conduct themselves at work.

An explanation of the prohibition against sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and the prohibition against retaliation under Title VII:

  • An explanation of the rights and responsibilities of managers, supervisors, and employees under Title VII and Respondent’s Policy
  • Guidance on handling sex-based allegations and other EEO complaints and the need for confidentiality
  • Training on gender equality and diversity training specific to gender diversity.

In addition, our training discusses and explains why training by itself is a very limited mitigation risk tool. That is why, in addition to mandatory training requirements, our training also includes:

  • Pragmatic training steps for your employees on speaking up, reporting, and reaching out safely to HR/Compliance in a manner that is safe for both the employee and your organization
  • Tips and advice on conducting HR investigations and on containing and limiting risks related to retaliation
  • Tips and examples on how your organization’s leadership can use rewards and incentives to create safer work environments for all

If your organization is interested in learning more about our sexual harassment prevention course and/or our training on incivility/microaggressions management at work, contact us HERE.

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