Designed to increase transparency and trust in the speak up experience

Our app was created to facilitate the reporting of issues to management.  It is designed to enhance the trust and safety of the reporter in the process. 

Easy reporting process

With #NotMe, reporting can be done in under a minute. It does not require the reporter to write.  It can be done safely from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Customizable questionnaire

How you speak to your people, the words you use, your tone, etc are unique to your organization. With #NotMe, you can customize your app to make sure it adequately reflects your organization, industry etc.  

Report Anonymously

Allowing people to speak up anonymously is a must. People must be able to decide if they should report anonymously or with their names.  

In app messaging

#NotMe allows organizations to easily converse through its in-app messaging system with reporters who’ve decided to speak up anonymously.

Co branded app

Customize and co-brand #NotMe. So your people know that #NotMe is part of your culture, listening & feedback loop strategies and that you care to create a safe place for all. 


Use our app newsfeed to share your policies, news, articles (think modern-day intranet) with your people.

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