Reporting misconduct with #NotMe is simple and safe. It still requires courage though. With #NotMe, you can speak up anonymously if you prefer.

If you need to speak up and report misconduct you’ve experienced or witnessed, do it using the #NotMe app.

You can find the app on the Apple Store or on the Google Play store:

And if you’d prefer not to download the app on your phone, you can use our WebApp that you can find at

Any reports submitted with #NotMe will be submitted to the #NotMe team to assist you (if your organization is not a #NotMe subscriber) or to your organization if you’ve linked your organization to your account (if it is a #NotMe subscriber).

In that case, your report will be placed on your organization’s dashboard. If your organization is a #NotMe subscriber but you’ve not linked your account to your organization’s app, your report will be reassigned to your organization’s dashboard. Your organization’s team will review and respond to your report.

Preventing and reporting misconduct starts with you. No one can help and assist you if you do not report it.

When it comes to reporting misconduct, always ask yourself the following:

If #NotMe, then Who?

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