Organizations that are #NotMe certified and have subscribed to our suite of products for their whistleblowing, investigation and case management needs have access, through our AI-powered dashboard, to our case management system. Our organizational tools allow an organization’s Safety, Compliance, HR, ER teams to track and resolve issues, safely and quickly. #NotMe reinvented not only the intake and reporting from your people but also how your management and leadership handle and resolve reports. For the benefits of both reporters and organizations.


Access your organization’s dashboard to get a pulse and visibility on what your people are speaking up about. #NotMe’s AI-powered case management system enables real-time access and prioritization of reports to identify patterns of misconduct, potential systemic concerns, and real safety related concerns.

Manage the report lifecycle

With our report management tools, you can review reports, evidence (videos, pictures, emails, etc.) submitted by reporters, communicate with reporters through a secure 2-way chat, add notes, upload internal documentation (witness interviews, investigation reports, etc.) only you and your team can see and manage. #NotMe’s modern and simple case management system allows your team to be and stay on top of issues in a simple and efficient way while being transparent with your employees as to what step of the process you’re on with status updates.

Audit Trail – Timeline

NotMe’s audit trail or timeline allows your team members who are on your #NotMe dashboard to see every action (notes added, change of status of reports, etc.) taken on a report so your team members at all times know what is going on.

Respond and investigate reports effectively with smart filters

Responding and investigating your people’s reports have never been simpler. Request a demo and judge for yourself. Also, ask us about our Guide on How to Conduct Effective Investigations with #NotMe.

AI scoring system

Our AI algorithm (we named it the “Detective”) helps you prioritize your reviewing and handling of reports by actively scoring reports (on their own and then rescoring them against newer reports) to assess their severity and pervasiveness. #NotMe is the only whistleblowing software with that (patented) technology.

Get a pulse on your culture, ESG & DEI efforts

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” With #NotMe in place, your organization will have leading indicators (not lagging ones) about what is going on at any given time based on what your employees or members are telling you through our platform. #NotMe allows your teams to know what is going on when it comes to misconduct so you can measure, assess, track and address it safely & effectively for the benefits of both your people and your organization.

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