Hospitality worker poised to report workplace harassment
December 29, 2022
Ariel D. Weindling

Harassment has long been a pervasive problem in the hospitality industry, one that has received more scrutiny in the post-#MeToo years. As noted in the Harvard Business Review back in 2018, the workplace dynamics of the restaurant industry, where men typically hold management positions and young, female, and minority workers are more likely to hold lower-paid, lower-status positions, may create an atmosphere where inappropriate behavior is ignored or normalized. This can be exacerbated by a professional culture that assumes the customer is always right, which can allow patron misconduct to go unaddressed.

Hotel employees can also be vulnerable to unwelcome behavior by guests. Housekeepers, bell staff, room service employees, and others who work alone in guest areas can find themselves at risk. Research shows that this kind of workplace harassment has serious consequences both for employees and their organizations—when harassment is swept under the rug, it increases anxiety, employee stress, and burnout, as well as heightening the odds that impacted workers will quit.

Increasingly, hospitality organizations are recognizing the critical importance of creating a culture of transparency and accountability to promote worker safety in the industry. When victims and witnesses speak up, misconduct can be addressed quickly. This investment in employee safety improves morale, boosts organizational success, and lowers attrition at a time when, frankly, good employees are hard to find. #NotMe has proven to be an essential resource for clients looking for an easy-to-implement, comprehensive solution for reporting, investigating, and case management that demonstrates their commitment to the welfare of their employees.

#NotMe Partnerships: Supporting and Upgrading Industry Safety

#NotMe pairs an easy-to-use reporting app with an easily implemented, customizable case management system and powerful analytics. The result is increased trust and a more effective process for identifying and addressing issues before they get out of hand. Anonymous reporting gives witnesses and victims the option of sharing what they know privately, giving your organization key insights in a timely manner. With #NotMe, your employees have the means to submit a secure report on the spot wherever they are, letting them know that you have their back.

We count many satisfied hospitality clients among our customers, and we’re pleased to announce two new partnerships (in addition to the many partnerships we have in the Food and Beer Industries in both the US and Canada) that highlight how #NotMe can help address the unique challenges faced by restaurants, bars, hotels, and other hospitality businesses:

  • The City of Vancouver X Good Night Out Vancouver: In January 2023, #NotMe will be launched at several night establishments in Vancouver to enable patrons and employees alike to easily report misconduct. This will deter misbehavior while giving organizations a complete suite of tools to investigate any incidents swiftly.
  • Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia (TIABC): As a not-for-profit tourism industry association, TIABC advocates for British Columbia’s visitor economy, which brings $22.3 billion to the region in a typical year. Their strategic partnership with #NotMe is intended to promote safer workplaces in their industry; as noted by Sandra Oldfield, TIABC Director and Chair of its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Reconciliation (DEIR) Committee, “It has become abundantly clear that we must make our industry a better place to work. Words alone will not accomplish this. This strategic partnership with NotMe Solutions is organic and natural. The #NotMe platform is a game changer for both employees and their employers. It reduces the trust gap that may exist between the two and makes everyone safer.”

When organizations have the tools to create a workplace culture that truly reflects the value they place on employee safety, both individuals and the company as a whole benefit. #NotMe is proud to be able to facilitate this vital work and help reduce the trust gap that sometimes exists between management and employees.

Your Integrated HR, Compliance, and Safety Solution

In any sector, businesses can’t solve problems they don’t know about. #NotMe helps shine a light on previously unseen issues and patterns of misconduct that erode employee morale and fuel high rates of attrition. To find out more about how #NotMe can work in your organization, contact us here.

If you are in need of speaking up and reporting a workplace issue, click here.

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Ariel D. Weindling, CEO and Founder of #NotMe

Ariel is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, a leading employment lawyer and an advocate for greater equality, safety, and transparency in the workplace. His passion for equality led him to create #NotMe: an app and AI-powered platform that gives all employees a safe, unbiased way to report workplace misconduct, while guiding employers to take swift and appropriate action.

Ariel has trained hundreds of employees on the subjects of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. After fifteen years handling a litany of cases involving harassment and discrimination and watching instances of workplace misconduct constantly repeat themselves, Ariel realized that corporate America was in need of a major paradigm shift. As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements continue to steamroll through the collective consciousness of America, Ariel, along with a team of high-profile advisors, found himself in a unique position to help turn these movements into action, thus he created #NotMe

Ariel has a vision of a world in which his own children will inherit a workplace environment that is safe and equal, allowing them to freely thrive while accomplishing their own dreams.

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