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December 13, 2022
Ariel D. Weindling

Independent B2B software review platform G2 has issued its Winter 2023 reports, and NotMe Solutions is proud to have earned numerous badges in the HR Case Management, Whistleblowing, and Investigation Management categories. Our awards include:

  • Leader in the Grid Report for HR Case Management
  • A High Performer in the Grid Report for Whistleblowing
  • A High Performer in the Grid Report for Investigation Management
  • Easiest To Use for Whistleblowing
  • Easiest Admin for Whistleblowing
  • Easiest To Do Business With in Whistleblowing
  • Easiest To Do Business With in HR Case Management
  • Best Support for HR Case Management
  • Best Support for Investigation Management
  • Best Relationship for HR Case Management

G2 category Grid® Reports  compare products in a given category based on factors such as satisfaction; market presence scores; data on implementation, results, usability, and relationship; user adoption; ROI; and more. 

We take special pride in our recognition for ease of use and support, as our platform was founded with the mission of removing the friction that delays or prevents timely reporting of misconduct and facilitating efficient, effective investigations by HR, Employee Relations and/or Ethics & Compliance teams. The reputational and financial harm that comes from unaddressed issues such as harassment, fraud, and safety violations in the workplace, not to mention the negative impact on employee morale and retention, can have serious long-term consequences for any organizations.

G2 reviews by our users highlight the ways in which #NotMe empowers organizations of every size to create an environment of safety and accountability:

“I like the peace of mind it gives me, my Senior Management team and perhaps most importantly our employees. Making sure that our team members can easily and safely speak up and report issues is fundamental for any company, but in our case it is a business imperative. NotNMe has been—and remains—a game changer for us. It is a win-win for the business and for the employees so everyone benefits. Our employees trust the #NotMe app and as a result use it to speak up early before things escalate and get out of hand (or reach a plaintiff’s lawyer). And the tools NotMe gives management makes it easy and simple for my team to handle employee reports.”—Haim E.

“Unfortunately, in my experience, workplace harassment can thrive in even the smallest businesses. And when the perpetrator is one of a small handful of employees, raising one’s voice is a major challenge. … With NotMe’s completely anonymous reporting methodology, we provide our employees with their best chance at being able to report any type of harassment and we significantly increase our chances of actually being made aware of harassment in our midst.”—Claire M.

“The staff at #NotMe were amazing in helping us understand all they have to offer, how configurable it was, and how it would effectively address each of our most important criteria and organizational issues. … [O]ur need [was] to not only be able to improve our reporting but be able to show demonstrable improvement with accurate measurement. #NotMe came with a wonderful administration console that allowed us to take full ownership of their application, but also a robust set of reporting and analytics dashboards and tools. This gave us all we needed to gauge where we were at in any moment and historically, but also to be able to compare our end-over-end KPIs to see how we were using the software and how our organization was reaping benefits.”—CJ A.

We know that the recognition we’ve received would not be possible without the loyal customers who have used #NotMe to make their workplaces safer. We’re truly grateful for their support and feedback, and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide innovative technological solutions that allow them to create a culture of safety and maintain high standards of Ethics & Compliance

To learn more about how #NotMe’s reporting, investigation, and case management tools can help protect your organization, your brand, and your employees, contact us here

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Ariel D. Weindling, CEO and Founder of #NotMe

Ariel is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, a leading employment lawyer and an advocate for greater equality, safety, and transparency in the workplace. His passion for equality led him to create #NotMe: an app and AI-powered platform that gives all employees a safe, unbiased way to report workplace misconduct, while guiding employers to take swift and appropriate action.

Ariel has trained hundreds of employees on the subjects of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. After fifteen years handling a litany of cases involving harassment and discrimination and watching instances of workplace misconduct constantly repeat themselves, Ariel realized that corporate America was in need of a major paradigm shift. As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements continue to steamroll through the collective consciousness of America, Ariel, along with a team of high-profile advisors, found himself in a unique position to help turn these movements into action, thus he created #NotMe

Ariel has a vision of a world in which his own children will inherit a workplace environment that is safe and equal, allowing them to freely thrive while accomplishing their own dreams.

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