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July 30, 2022
Matt Dougherty

I’ve been a hiring manager for many years. Spending countless hours combing through resumes, having initial phone calls, in-person interviews and then finally hiring a candidate you believe will do the best job once they are trained up. I think all hiring managers can relate.

When you look at every job posting on Indeed, LinkedIn, etc, there is always a section that mentions a company’s benefits for the candidate to review. Along with your standard medical, dental, 401K and others, what type of talent would you be recruiting or weeding out, as part of the hiring process, if you listed #NotMe as a benefit?

Even if someone didn’t research #NotMe prior to their interview, imagine these two possible scenarios and how they would play out.

Scenario 1 – You have a candidate that had experienced or witnessed harassment, discrimination or bullying at a previous job. Maybe they didn’t trust that employer enough to report or they reported the issue but it was ignored. Maybe it’s even the reason why they left or are looking to leave the current company – to leave that situation.

You tell them about the #NotMe app that lets them speak up quickly and safely, anonymously or not, right from their phone in less than 3 minutes. How do you think they would react to knowing this company they are interviewing with has #NotMe? Would it increase their trust and possibly want to work for your company more?

Scenario 2 – You have a candidate that has had a history of misconduct and they interview with your company that subscribes to #NotMe. You tell them about the app and how it’s used within the company to give everyone a voice to speak up against any misconduct. Knowing that this company has a way for any employee to report someone like this candidate, it may weed out someone from applying or moving forward with the interview process. Or maybe, if this candidate was excited for this opportunity, they may be on their best behavior knowing that they wouldn’t want to lose their job, if they were hired.

While it’s never as simple as what I’ve mentioned above, it could be a great conversation with a candidate about the expectations of your company when it comes to the work environment and how you take reports seriously and look into every one that is submitted.

If you’re interested in hearing more about #NotMe, I invite you to find out how your organization can benefit by going here. If you’ve already had enough convincing and you’re ready for a demo, you can request one by going here.

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Matt Dougherty, Chief Customer Experience Officer of #NotMe

Matt Dougherty brings 20+ years of experience working with, and more importantly, for customers to ensure they have an incredible experience.

He believes that a strong collaboration between both parties leads to a long-lasting and successful partnership. Having worked with many large, global customers in his career that include Coca-Cola, Emburse, Harmon, to smaller businesses like breweries or start-ups, he is familiar with the challenges that each may have to overcome. He prides himself on ensuring they have someone to trust from implementation to many years after.

When Matt is not working with customers, you can find him running half-marathons (with a marathon under his belt), biking the streets of Los Angeles, playing video games, or catching up with friends.

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