January 13, 2020

Here’s some quick facts and statistic on harassment.

As CEO’s and HR leadership consider aspects of employee safety, especially when harassment is an issue, evaluating the need for an employee hotline can be easily determined when you see these fast facts on harassment statistics. Nearly 60% of all misconduct that is observed in a workplace is never reported. 70% of victims who do report misconduct experience some sort of retaliation from their employers.

Find out how NotMe Solutions is providing employees and employers with a safe platform, to speak up and resolve harassment issues. Our team is also able to provide sexual harassment prevention training. Learn more by requesting a demo with our team HERE

Fast facts on harassment statistics at work. This image lists out major trends on harassment.

100% anonymous reporting is key when it comes to victims speaking up about harassment. An independent review comparing Navex, All Voices, and NotMe Solutions, revealed NotMe being the front runner when it came to encryption and technology advancements on keeping reports safe and secure. It was also the easiest platform for users, with versatility on the app or website access, providing very simple yet effective case management for HR teams. HR teams and modern CEOs are able to experience firsthand how NotMe Solutions is creating a difference in organizations, by requesting a demo today.

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The #NotMe platform is a next generation patented end-to-end whistleblowing, investigation and case management software for people and organizations tired of tools (hotlines, webforms, etc.), processes and systems that are not trusted (and as a result not used) by the very people (employees, students, etc.) who are supposed to use them in the very first place. #NotMe is an ethical system that fosters corporate integrity and helps organizations manage and mitigate risks while building trust with their people. The concept of #NotMe provides a fair game for all, motivates and engages people in participating in the creation of safe places, and provides a greater ROI for organizations. It is the ultimate solution to safe whistleblowing and reporting safety issues at work and in your communities.

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