April 9, 2021

COVID-19 presents both employers and employees with significant workplace challenges, which is why #NotMe has just released a new COVID-19 reporting app to help employees report any type of COVID-19 related misconduct or workplace safety issues. Download, report, and #NotMe is on standby to offer support to help you stay safe during these stressful and confusing times.

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The #NotMe platform is a next generation patented end-to-end whistleblowing, investigation and case management software for people and organizations tired of tools (hotlines, webforms, etc.), processes and systems that are not trusted (and as a result not used) by the very people (employees, students, etc.) who are supposed to use them in the very first place. #NotMe is an ethical system that fosters corporate integrity and helps organizations manage and mitigate risks while building trust with their people. The concept of #NotMe provides a fair game for all, motivates and engages people in participating in the creation of safe places, and provides a greater ROI for organizations. It is the ultimate solution to safe whistleblowing and reporting safety issues at work and in your communities.

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