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The Last Call Project



In the aim to enhance the safety and inclusivity of nightlife in the city,

#NotMe’s partnership with the City of Vancouver and Good Night Out Vancouver, focuses on implementing strategies to prevent sexual violence and harassment within the hospitality industry. It represents a collaborative effort to make Vancouver’s nightlife safer for everyone.

Vancouver’s hospitality industry, like many others, faces challenges with sexual harassment, highlighting an urgent need for intervention.

This initiative underscores the necessity of creating a more inclusive and safe nightlife environment,

not just for the protection of individuals but for the overall health of the city’s vibrant social scene. The Last Call Pilot Project and #NotMe’s involvement are timely responses to these pressing concerns, aiming to establish a new standard for safety and respect in Vancouver’s nightlife.

#NotMe: Revolutionizing Safety Reporting in Nightlife. Your Tool for Change

#NotMe app emerges as a critical ally in this safety revolution. Designed for discretion and efficiency, the app empowers patrons and employees to report:
Harassment, racism and other misconduct.

It’s a digital guardian, ensuring that every voice is heard and every concern is addressed, reinforcing a culture of swift action and safe spaces.

Your Action, Our Collective Safety

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  • STEP 1 – Download the #NotMe app
  • STEP 2 – Set up your account. In Vancouver, enter GNO organizational PIN: 5239
  • STEP 3 – Share the details of your concerns
  • STEP 4 – Get the help you deserve by our team of experts

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Our impact

In a scary time, this service made me feel heard and safe.

What I liked best about the platform was the user-friendly tools within the app which made reporting and communicating with the #NotMe resources a breeze. The follow-up after submitting the report was excellent, and I found the in-app chat system to be a very efficient way of conversing. Throughout the process, #NotMe maintained my anonymity until I, as the whistleblower, was ready to disclose my identity.

Spotlight on British Columbia Pioneers in Hospitality Safety

Join the #NotMe partners to make Vancouver and British Columbia a safer place

Join the growing number of organizations dedicated to a safer hospitality industry and nightlife in Vancouver & British Columbia.

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