Stand Against Hate, Together

At #NotMe, we believe in a world of diversity and mutual respect. Our core mission – to create environments free of hate and full of understanding

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United Against Hate. United Against Discrimination.

Imagine a world where hate has no place. That’s the future #NotMe is striving towards. By enabling each person to report hate incidents, we’re building bridges across communities, fostering respect, understanding, and most importantly, action against discrimination. #NotMe App is not just a tool, but a catalyst for change.

How it Works

Step 1 - Download the App

A simple start to a significant journey. Download #NotMe from your preferred app store and join our community of changemakers.

Step 2 - Report Incidents

Witnessed or experienced hate? Use our intuitive reporting app to share your story safely and anonymously.

Step 3 - Expert Review

Every report is meticulously reviewed by our dedicated team, ensuring every voice is heard and appropriate actions are taken.

Step 4 - Continuous Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the report.
We provide ongoing support, resources, and updates, ensuring a supportive journey for every user”.

Unique Features


Report hate incidents in a few simple steps, ensuring your voice is heard instantly.

Connect with a supportive community. Share, learn, and grow with others who stand against hate.

Knowledge is power. Access a rich library of resources to understand and fight against discrimination.

Your safety is our priority. Report anonymously and securely, knowing your identity is protected.

Accessibility is at the heart of #NotMe. Our app is crafted to be user-friendly for all, including those with disabilities, ensuring no voice is left unheard.

Diversity is our strength. #NotMe embraces this by offering multi-language support, reaching out to a global audience and fostering inclusivity.

Be Part of the Change
Download the #NotMe Free App

Our impact

"I can't imagine starting a business without NotMe"

Every work environment needs to be safe for its employees – that’s the basic requirement, right? All too often, smaller businesses and start-ups forget that we have a fundamental duty to our employees for their safety. We think that we’re a small team — a family even! — and that creates safety by default.

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"Great philosophical approach, experience and overall product! Highly recommend!"

When looking for an annoymous reporting solution, we wanted something that would be approachable to our employees, easy to use, easy from an administrative perspective and overall a vendor who would work with us like a partner. We found all of that in #NotMe.

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FAQs and Support

#NotME is an app designed to combat hate and discrimination by enabling users to report incidents and support one another. Our goal is to create safer, more inclusive communities through awareness and action.

Reporting is simple. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can anonymously report an incident by filling out a brief form. Just follow the step-by-step guide within the app.

Absolutely. Your privacy is our top priority. Your report is anonymous when you decide to report anonymously, and your personal information is kept confidential at all times.

Every report is reviewed by our team. We may follow up for more information if needed and then take appropriate steps to address the incident, which may include working with local authorities or support services.

Yes!  #NotMe encourages reports from both victims and witnesses. Your report as a witness can be invaluable in helping to address incidents of hate and discrimination.

Yes, the app provides access to various resources for support, education, and advocacy for those affected by hate incidents.

There are several ways to get involved, including participating in community forums within the app, attending events, and following our social media for updates and opportunities.

Yes, #NotMe is available in multiple languages to ensure it’s accessible to a wide range of users. You can select your preferred language in the app settings.

We have a thorough review process for each report. Our team evaluates the details and context of each case and may follow up for additional information to ensure the validity of the reports.

If you are in immediate danger, please contact local authorities right away. #NotMe is not a substitute for emergency services. Our app is designed to report and respond to incidents, but it does not provide emergency assistance.

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