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HR Tech to Help Ease the Sexual Harassment Reporting Process

Sexual harassment is a prevalent issue within industries, workplaces and everyday life all over the globe...


Meet Ariel Weindling of NotMe Solutions (aka #NotMe) in West-Side

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ariel Weindling. Ariel is an LA-based employment lawyer...


Experts Say Listen, Don’t Micromanage In Time Of Crisis

In our new reality, many teams are working from home...


CEO on a Mission to Combat Issues of Misconduct in the Workplace

#NotMe is a mobile resolution-seeking platform that serves both individuals and organizations to combat workplace misconduct...


Esta Aplicación Ayuda a Las Mujeres a Reportar Si Sufren Algún Tipo de Abuso en el Trabajo

La app es gratuita, se puede descargar en cualquier teléfono inteligente, permite agregar el nombre de la empresa...


Addressing sexual harassment

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. Firefighter looks to change how it's handled...


Conscious Culture Is All About Stakeholder Identity

How can companies expect their employees to buy into the culture, if employees are not granted the freedom...


Local Woman Becomes an Advocate Against Workplace Harassment

Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — For years, Kern County native Abby Bolt has been a veteran firefighter for the US Forest Service...


Can Apps Help Eradicate Sexual Harassment?

New apps make it easier to report workplace misconduct...

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