Navex Vs NotMe digital hotline technology comparison chart.
March 21, 2023

In the face of changing standards and regulatory requirements for whistleblowing systems, companies may be wondering if legacy systems or hotlines they may already have in place will serve the evolving needs of their organization. The fact is that rapid changes in technology, in employee relations and in workplace expectations can undermine the effectiveness of any system not designed to meet the reality of how workers communicate. As a state-of-the-art integrated whistleblowing and case management platform created to deliver a safe experience to employees-reporters, #NotMe (from NotMe Solutions Inc.) has been created to not only meet the most rigorous regulatory standards and to also enable organizations to gain crucial visibility into potential misconduct, compliance problems, safety issues, and more. A comparison report from B2B software review platform G2, ranking our user satisfaction ratings against Navex One, shows that the difference between a modern system and older hotlines matters today more than ever.

Understanding the Ratings

Technology comparisons between Navex and NotMe Solutions digital employee hotline solutions. This is important to enable employees and the workforce to speak up safely.

In the fifteen categories in which enough data existed to make a comparison, NotMe Solutions outranked Navex One in every one of them (Navex One did not have enough data available to produce a comparison for internal promotion, telephone, mobility, average ROI in months, or average go live time in months). 

In ease of use (99%), ease of admin (98%), and ease of setup (97%), #NotMe showed exemplary results compared to Navex, whose users only rated it at 82% for ease of use, 65% for ease of admin, and 69% for ease of setup. For quality of support, #NotMe’s users rated it highly as well, at 98%, versus Navex’s 67%. In the sharpest divergence, Navex’s users gave Navex only 56% when asked if the product had been a good partner in doing business, and only 62% would consider recommending it. Asked the same questions, #NotMe’s users gave the product a 99%, and 99% would recommend it.

While both products had strong ratings on performance (#NotMe, 100%; Navex, 93%) security (#NotMe, 99%; Navex 97%), and reporting (#NotMe, 100%; Navex, 93%), other indicators mark key differences. #NotMe’s dashboard scored significantly higher, at 99% compared to 70% for Navex, and its case management scored 95% versus Navex’s 87%. #NotMe’s alerts and notifications achieved a perfect 100%, while Navex came in at 87%.

Notably, half of #NotMe’s users indicated their return on investment (ROI) was achieved in 6 months or less, and the vast majority (85%) went live in a month or less. This ease of implementation and use means that organizations investing in #NotMe as a reporting and compliance solution see results fast. One hundred percent of #NotMe’s users saw the product moving in a positive direction, as opposed to 73% of Navex’s. 

As important, 100% of #NotMe’s users ranked the product positively for mobility. In a world where mobile devices have increasingly become a daily business tool for employees in every category, reporting tools that utilize this communication channel are an important advantage for maintaining workplace safety. 

Further, #NotMe has been designed to comply with all whistleblowing and privacy laws worldwide, as well as incorporating the highest standards and practices for data security. Data encryption allows for truly anonymous employee reporting, building trust that employees can share what they know about incidents of fraud, abuse, harassment, and other misconduct without fear of retaliation. This increases the likelihood that your company will get vital information in time to prevent harm, instead of only after costly damage has been done. For organizations looking for a reporting and case management platform that will work in every jurisdiction in which they operate, while remaining intuitive and easy to operate for employees and managers, #NotMe is the ideal solution.

Innovative & Responsive

The experiences of #NotMe’s software users make it plain—when it comes to ensuring employee safety and protecting your organization against financial and reputational damage, using yesterday’s technology puts you at a disadvantage. #NotMe is built from the ground up to provide the support you need to build a culture of safety, keeping you ahead of the technological curve. 

To learn more about how #NotMe’s reporting, investigation, and case management solutions can help protect your employees, your organization, and your brand, contact us here.

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The #NotMe platform is a next generation patented end-to-end whistleblowing, investigation and case management software for people and organizations tired of tools (hotlines, webforms, etc.), processes and systems that are not trusted (and as a result not used) by the very people (employees, students, etc.) who are supposed to use them in the very first place. #NotMe is an ethical system that fosters corporate integrity and helps organizations manage and mitigate risks while building trust with their people. The concept of #NotMe provides a fair game for all, motivates and engages people in participating in the creation of safe places, and provides a greater ROI for organizations. It is the ultimate solution to safe whistleblowing and reporting safety issues at work and in your communities.

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