Reporting for a Safer World

#NotMe is a mobile solution that empowers people to safely and quickly report racism, harassment, discrimination or any form of misconduct including safety and compliance issues — whether they've experienced or witnessed them. In turn, #NotMe offers organizations access to insights needed to take action and create an accountable, safe, and thriving culture — for everyone.


Why We're the Experts

#NotMe is the only misconduct reporting platform led by an expert employment lawyer and organizational culture expert with a decade and a half of experience representing both organizations and victims of misconduct.

Our deep experience in this space has led us to understand that misconduct is not an HR problem; it is a people problem.
People are often frozen in fear of speaking up and seeking help from their organizations; thus perpetuating unchecked repeat offenses, reducing workplace productivity, and ultimately causing high turnover and high legal costs that often go hand-in-hand with unpleasant media headlines.

#NotMe intimately understands the issues both organizations and their people face, and is here to offer a supportive and actionable communications and feedback loop to make things safer.

For everyone.

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Why the name, #NotMe?

The power in saying...

  • #NotMe, I won't be a victim and not report it.
  • #NotMe, I won't be a witness and not report it.
  • #NotMe, I won't be an organization that sweeps misconduct under the rug.

The time is now to be innovative and proactive in affecting behavior change.
We invite you to join us.

Where We Are


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